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Madeline L. Budda, D.V.M., M.S., DACLAM

Madeline L. Budda, DVM, MS, DACLAM

Assistant Professor of Research, Department of Cell Biology


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, OSU CVHS
Master of Science, Clinical and Translational Sciences, OUHSC

Post-doctoral Fellowship:

Post‐Doctoral Fellowship, Division of Comparative Medicine, OUHSC

Contact Information:

Office Phone: (405) 271‐7381


Email: Madeline‐Budda@ouhsc.edu

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
975 NE 10th Street, Suite 1101
Oklahoma City, OK, 73104

Research Interests:

As the Director of the Office of Animal Welfare Assurance at OUHSC, I enjoy consulting with investigators on veterinary and animal welfare aspects of research models and helping investigators prepare research proposals for review by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. My research interests include developing refinements to animal models that promote animal welfare and assessing novel programmatic processes that improve animal care.

Selected Publications:

ML Budda, MW Staruch. Invited commentary on Protocol Review column: ‘How much access to laboratories should veterinarians have?’ Lab Animal 2017; 46(2): 35‐37.

M Stiles, GP Moiseyev, ML Budda, A Linnens, RS Brush, J Qi, GL White, RF Wolf, J‐X Ma, R Floyd, RE Anderson, NA Mandal. PBN (Phenyl‐N‐Tert‐Butylnitrone)‐Derivatives Are Effective in Slowing the Visual Cycle and Rhodopsin Regeneration and in Protecting the Retina from Light‐Induced Damage. PlosOne 2015; 10(12) e0145305.

ML Budda, JJ Ely, S Doan, M Chavez‐Suarez, GL White, RF Wolf. Evaluation of Reproduction and Raising Offspring in a Nursery‐Reared SPF Baboon (Papio hamadryas anubis) Colony. Am J Primatol 2013; 75:798‐806.

KM Rogers, M Deatherage, MA Breshears, S Chapman, D Black, JW Ritchey. Type I IFN response to Papiine herpesvirus 2 (Herpesvirus papio 2; HVP2) determines neuropathogenicity in mice. Virol 2009; 386:280‐289.


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