Courses Taught by Cell Biology Faculty

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CELL 5107          
Human Structure

CELL 5134          
Cell and Tissue Biology

CELL 5142          
Human Embryology

CELL 5960          
Current Topics in Cell Biology

CELL 5980          
Research for MS Thesis

CELL 5990/6990
Special Studies in Cell Biology

CELL 6000          
Cell Biology Lab Rotation

CELL 6010          
Cell Biology Graduate Research Seminar

CELL 6020
Anatomical Sciences Teaching Practicum 

CELL 6021/6030
Medical Education Seminar

CELL 6111
Advanced Cell Biology I - Cells and Tissues

CELL 6121
Advanced Cell Biology II - Advanced Cell Signaling

CELL 6130
Advanced Cell Biology III - Capstone 

CELL 6313         
Advanced Gross Anatomy

CELL 6321          
Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Vision

CELL 6421
Tumor Board

CELL 6960
Directed Readings

CELL 6980
Research for Doctor's Dissertation


CELLD 7195 / PA 7127 / RADI 5303      
Human Structure for Dental and PA Students

CELLD 7425       
General Histology for Dental Students

CELLD 7525      
Oral Histology for Dental Students

INDT 8124          
Human Structure for Medical Students

INDT 9406       
Special Studies in Cell Biology - Pharmacology Readings for 4th year medical students


AHS 3112/8112 
Pharmacology for Allied Health Students

AHS 3302         
Human Embryology for Allied Health Students