Cell Biology Research Gallery

Our faculty and students have shared some of their incredible images of science in action. Enjoy!

Conley Shannon-Two Blind Mice-Full-Small


"Two Blind Mice and a Wild Type" Art Quilt

Image courtesy of Dr. Shannon Conley

Knockout and knockin mice are genetically engineered to carry mutations in their genome to model debilitating diseases,critical since it is difficult to study many diseases in human patients. The scientific and medical advancements that haveresulted from use of these models cannot be overstated. This quilt re-interprets my fluorescein angiograms--pictures ofthe blood vessels in the eye--from mice with diabetic retinopathy (top) and macular dystrophy (bottom), as well as theirnormal or wild-type counterpart (middle). We use these specialized mice to study the pathobiological mechanismsassociated with these blinding retinal degenerations and to develop and test novel treatments.

Image 1 - Siqi Gao

Image Courtesy of Graduate Student Siqi Gao

A double fluorescent reporter mouse ROSAmT/mG; Cdh5(PAC)-CreERT2 liver. Cells without Cre activity marked as membrane Tomato (mT; red). Cells with Cre activity marked as membrane GFP (mG; green). Hoechst stained nuclei (Blue).

Conley_Do You See What I See_Full

"Do You See What I See" Art Quilt

Image Courtesy of Dr. Shannon Conley

The disc-laden photoreceptors of the vertebrate retina are responsible for sensing light and converting it to the chemical and electrical signals that are eventually perceived as vision by the brain. They are the first step in determining how we see the world. This piece was inspired by a transmission electron micrograph of murine rod photoreceptors captured by my friend Barb Nagel.

Image 2 - Siqi Gao



Image Courtesy of Graduate Student Siqi Gao

Transmission electron microscopy of a kupffer cell residing within the lumen of liver sinusoids.

Rat Cerebellum

Image Courtesy of Graduate Student Jennifer Fessler 

Molecular and granule layer of adult rat cerebellum - Red/GFAP, Blue/dapi, Green/ tomato lectin