Sequence Based Typing Services

 We have experience in typing HLA for 1) clinical transplantation, 2) NIH grantees that study infectious disease and vaccine development, 3) international collaborations of HLA associated disease progression, and 4) research studies of humanized mice, cell lines, stem cells, and cancer.

  • Typing of class I HLA molecules includes DNA sequencing of exons 2 & 3 that encode the alpha-1 and alpha-2 protein domains, the most variable and functionally relevant portion of the class I HLA protein. Additional exons are sequenced for ambiguity resolution.
  • Typing of class II HLA molecules includes DNA sequencing of exon 2 that encodes the beta-1 domain with additional exons sequenced for ambiguity resolution. Exon 2 encoding the HLA-DQ alpha chain and HLA-DP alpha chain are also typed.

 *HLA-E not offered in the 9 loci bundle

Contact information:
Phone: (405)271-1203 x47503
Address: University of Oklahoma HSC
Biomedical Research Center Room 317
 975 NE 10th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73104