Core Facilities

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center has a number of core facilities available to support the wide range of ongoing research taking place on campus.  Among these are the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Cytometry Research, The Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Biology of Aging Cores, and shared resources from The Stephenson Cancer Center and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. 

In addition to these core facilities, researchers have access to Comparative Medicine’s state of the art barrier facility, which is BSL2 equipped and includes a small animal X-ray Irradiator and IVIS Spectrum Imaging system.

The services provided by these various cores include flow cytometry, imaging, mass spectrometry, DNA sequencing, genomics, X-ray crystal screening, structure determination, and histology.  Further details are listed below along with links to the various facilities.

Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Cytometry Research:
Provides services in the areas of DNA sequencing/genomics, mass spectrometry/proteomics, flow cytometry, imaging and laser microdissection microscopy.

Laboratory of Biomolecular Structure and Function:,aspects%20of%20their%20macromolecular%20targets 

Provides X-ray crystal screening, X-ray data collection, structure determination and analysis, dynamic light scattering data collection and analysis.

Stephenson Cancer Center Shared Resources: Biospecimen acquisition and bank, cancer tissue pathology core, cancer functional genomics, molecular imaging, and biostatistics.

OU Vision Research Facilities:
Cellular imaging, live animal imaging, and genotyping.

Diabetes COBRE Core:
Histology, image acquisition and analysis, diabetic human repository, and diabetic animal core.

Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Biology of Aging:  
Multiplexing protein quantification, targeted DNA methylation and mitochondrial heteroplasmy, integrated redox biology, and bioinformatics core.

Oklahoma Shared Clinical & Translational Resources: Research navigator service for investigators new to clinical research, biostatistics and epidemiology research design consultation, clinical trial assistance, and assistance in the development of registries and repositories of clinical research information.

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation:
Biacore, imaging, myositis testing, nuclear magnetic resonance, DNA sequencing, clinical genomics, biorepository, patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models, flow cytometry, serum analyte, human phenotyping, and quantitative analysis.