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Reset Password

Option 1: If you have enrolled in the Password Management Service and currently have access to the internet, go to

Option 2: If you haven't enrolled in the Password Management Service, please contact the IT Service Desk at (405) 271-2203 or toll free (888) 435-7486. You may also visit the IT Service Desk located in the Student Union (1106 N. Stonewall--Room 105) with a photo ID and we will reset your password.

Printer Mapping

To add printer on windows 10

Right click start button>Left click run> Type the below into the run box.


To add printer on windows 7

Click start> Click Run> Type the above into the run box.


To add printer to Mac

First install print driver to be able to print in color.

Click the Apple top left

Click system Preferences

Click Printers and scanners

click the + sign

right click on the ribbon (left side of seach bar)

customize tool bar

drag and drop the advanced button to the toolbar

click ok

click on the advanced button

scroll down to windows printer via spools

type SMB://rigel/mboffice

select printer driver  iR-ADV C5535

click add

Network Location






Personal Computers


Purchasing Computers & Laptops

Computer Standardization Program

Effective January 1, 2019, all computers purchased for the University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa Campuses must be selected from the approved computer standards list or receive approval as a non-standard computer equipment exception prior to purchase.

Per the policy, each employee is allowed one (1) desktop computer or one (1) laptop with docking station and external monitor(s) as necessary. Additional computers for a single employee are subject to the exception request below.

The following purchasing changes support OU's transition to a standardized computing environment: 

  • Leasing is no longer a procurement option
  • Computers should not be purchased on Pcards
  • Financial Services will NOT reimburse for computers purchased with personal funds 

Please visit the Computer Standardization website for full details.

Click here to view the Approved Computers for purchase.

Select Austin Bernard as your Tier 1.

Purchasing Software


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