Primary Faculty

William Hildebrand

William Hildebrand, PhD

George Lynn Cross Research Professor


Ph.D.: 1990, Southern Illinois University


Awards and Honors:

Presbyterian Health Foundation Endowed Professor
Scientific Founder, Pure Protein, L.L.C.
Board of Directors, Amer Society for Histocompatiligy & Immunogenetics


Stanford University

Research Interests:

The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I and class II molecules.

Contact Information:

Office: BRC Room 317



Robert Glenn Rapp Presidential Professor
Chief Scientist, Pure Protein LLC
Director, HLA Sequence-Based Typing
Laboratory, OUHSC


As of September 2003, my laboratory is CLIA and ASHI accredited for DNA high resolution typing of HLA for clinical transplantation.  We intend to become involved in the matching of Oklahoma transplant recipients and donors.  Furthermore, we intend to compete for research studies that require clinical laboratory accreditation.

Current Lab Personnel:

Steven Cate, HLA Typing Lab Supervisor
Maggie Mwoyosvi, Postdoctoral Fellow