Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Education


 Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum Program (ILAC)  


An increasing shortage of Anatomy Educators trained to the doctoral level in the United States has led to an emergent need for educators to teach anatomical sciences at the undergraduate, professional school, and graduate level. In response to this growing demand, the OUHSC Graduate College and the Department of Cell Biology developed a collaboration with the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education on the OU Norman campus to offer a Ph.D. that prepares students for careers in anatomy education and educational research. This Ph.D. in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum (ILAC) with a concentration in Biomedical Education prepares students who desire a career focus in education to assume faculty positions in the anatomical sciences upon graduation. Extensive training in the anatomical sciences is coupled with graduate education courses, mentored teaching experiences, and educational research. The degree granting program is the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education in Norman. You can learn more about the ILAC program in Biomedical Education by following this link:
Graduate students take their didactic education courses on the Norman campus, and their basic science courses on the OUHSC campus. The mentored teaching experiences are primarily on the OUHSC campus, where graduate students serve as teaching assistants for professional students in the anatomical disciplines (gross anatomy, embryology, histology, neuroanatomy). Dissertation research for the Ph.D. in medical education is focused on anatomical sciences education. The program is designed to take 4 to 5 years and requires 90 hours beyond the Bachelor’s Degree.  
For more information, please contact Nancy Halliday, PhD., OUHSC Site Director, Biomedical Education Doctoral Program, Instructional Leadership & Academic Curriculum, Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education, University of Oklahoma.
Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Julie Van De Weghe

Assistant Professor




A primary cilium as seen on GE DeltaVision OMX Super Resolution Microscope. Acetylated tubulin (red) marks the microtubule-based axoneme and ARL13B (green) labels the membrane.

Contact Information

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center 
Stanton L. Young Biomedical Research Center 
975 NE 10th Ave, Room 264 
Oklahoma City, OK 73104 

Office: (405) 271-3832

Contact Phone Number(405) 271-3832Email AddressJulie-VanDeWeghe@ouhsc.eduSelected Publications

Van De Weghe JC, Gomez A, and Doherty D. (2022) The Joubert-Meckel-Nephronophthisis Spectrum of Ciliopathies. Annu Rev Genomics Hum Genet. Online ahead of print: doi: 10.1146/annurev-genom-121321-093528


Van De Weghe JC, Giordano JL, Mathijssen IB, Mojarrad M, Lugtenberg D, Miller CV, Dempsey JC, Mohajeri MSA, Leeuwen EV, Pajkrt E, Klaver CCW, Houlden H, Eslahi A, Waters AM, University of Washington Center for Mendelian Genomics, Bamshad MJ, Nickerson DA, Aggarwal VS, de Vries, BBA, Maroofian R, and D Doherty. (2021) TMEM218 dysfunction causes ciliopathies including Joubert and Meckel syndromes. Human Genetics and Genomic Advances. Jan 14;2(1).        


Van De Weghe JC*, Harris JA* Kubo T, Witman GB, and Lechtreck KF. (2020) Diffusion rather than IFT likely provides most of the tubulin required for axonemal assembly. Journal of Cell Science. Sept 11;133(17):jcs249805. bioRxiv                *shared first author   Informative sciTwitter thread


•Latour BL*, Van De Weghe JC*, Rusterholz TDS*, Letteboer SJF, Gomez A, Shaheen R, Gesemann M, Karamzade A, Asadollahi M, Barroso-Gil M, Chitre M, Grout ME, Reeuwijk JV, Beersum SECV, Miller CV, Dempsey JC, Morsy H, University of Washington Center for Mendelian Genomics, Bamshad MJ, Genomics England Research Consortium, Nickerson DA, Neuhauss SCF, Boldt K, Ueffing M, Keramatipour M, Sayer JA, Alkuraya FS, Bachmann-Gagescu R, Roepman R, and Doherty D. (2020) Dysfunction of the ciliary ARMC9/TOGARAM1 protein module causes Joubert syndrome. Journal of Clinical Investigation. July 20;131656. bioRxiv                      *shared first author   Informative sciTwitter thread


•Van De Weghe JC*, Rusterholz T*, Latour B*, Grout M, Aldinger K, Shaheen R, Dempsey J, Maddirevula S, Cheng Y, Phelps I, Gesemann M, Goel H, Birk O, Alanzi T, Rawashdeh R, Khan A, University of Washington Center for Mendelian Genomics, Bamshad M, Nickerson D, Neuhauss S, Dobyns W, Alkuraya F, Roepman R, Bachmann-Gagescu, R, and Dan Doherty.  (2017) Mutations in ARMC9, which encodes a basal body protein, cause Joubert syndrome in humans and ciliopathy phenotypes in zebrafish. American Journal of Human Genetics. July 6;101(1)23-36.                  *shared first author  This paper was featured in ASHG’s Trainee Paper Spotlight.


•Shi X, Garcia III G, Van De Weghe JC, McGorty R, Pazour G, Doherty D, Huang B, and Reiter JF. (2017) Super-resolution microscopy reveals that disruption of ciliary transition zone architecture causes Joubert syndrome. Nature Cell Biology. Oct;19(10):1178-1188.      


•Lechtreck KF, Van De Weghe JC, Harris A, and Liu P.  (2017) Protein transport in growing and steady-state cilia: Controlling ciliary protein content. Traffic.18(5):277-286.  


•Kubo T, Brown JM, Bellve K, Craige B, Craft JM. Fogarty K, Lechtreck KF, and Witman GB. (2016) Together, the IFT81 and IFT74 N-termini form the main module for intraflagellar transport of tubulin. Journal of Cell Science. 129(10):2106-19.                    


 •Craft JM, Harris JA, Hyman SM, Kner P, and Lechtreck KF. (2015) Tubulin Transport by IFT is Upregulated During Ciliary Growth by a Cilium-autonomous MechanismJournal of Cell Biology. 208(2)223-237.                                                     This publication was featured in JCB’s Biosights.  UGA issued a press release regarding this manuscript.   This work was highlighted in American Society of Cell Biology Post.

gfp-α-tubulin transport and incorporation during ciliary regeneration. this composite video is based on several recording, spans 6 min 40 s, and shows a cell during regeneration of its two cilia after deciliation by a ph shock. the arrowheads mark the initial position of the ciliary tips.


•Wren KN, Craft JM, Tritschler D, Schauer S, Patel DK, Smith EF, Porter ME, Kner P, and Lechtreck KF. (2013) A Differential Cargo-Loading Model of Ciliary Length Regulation by IFT. Current Biology.Dec 16;23(24);2463-71.                                                             

            This publication recommended by the Faculty of 1000.   This work was featured in a Current Biology dispatch.


•Lechtreck KF, Brown JM, Sampaio JL, Craft JM, Shevchenko A, Evans JE, and Witman GB. (2013) Cycling of the signaling protein phospholipase D through cilia requires the BBSome only for the export phaseJournal of Cell Biology.  201(2):249-61.       


•Collins, MH., Craft, JM., Bustamante, JM., and Tarleton, RL.  (2011).  Oral exposure to Trypanosoma cruzi elicits a systemic CD8+ T cell response and protection against heterotopic challengeInfection and Immunity. 79(8):3397-406.                   


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Update on Current and Past ILAC Doctoral Students:


Amy Thiessen, PT, MEd, PhD.

Received her PhD in Medical Education in May 2018

Dissertation: Relationship of Help-Seeking Behaviors and Academic Performance in First Year Physician Assistant and Dental Students

Current Position: Clinical Associate Professor, Oklahoma City University PA Program


Mary B. Moon, BS, ABD

Successfully Defended her PhD in Medical Education, April 2020

Dissertation: Emergency Critical Skills Training for Pre-Clinical Physician Associate Students: A Mixed Methods Comparison of Training Methods

Current Status: Assistant Professor of Cell Biology, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine as of May 2020 

Mary Moon Pic


Shelley Hunter, BS, MS

2020: Scheduled to take Comprehensive Exams for Doctoral Candidacy in the ILAC PhD Program in Medical Education

Proposed Dissertation Project: Effectiveness of Integrated Embryology Cases in a Physician Assistant/Dental Clinical Anatomy Course

Current Position: Adjunct Professor, Anatomy & Physiology I, Department of Chemical & Biological Sciences, Oklahoma City Community College


Jose Medina, BS, MHS, PA-C

2020: Completing his 3rd year in the ILAC PhD Program in Medical Education

Proposed Dissertation Project: Emotional Quotient (EQ) in Relation to Traditional College of Medicine Student Performance in Human Structure.

Current Positions: Medical Staff - OU Physicians Health and Wellness Clinic; Medical Staff - OU Physicians Employee, Student and Express Care Clinic; and Medical Staff - Mercy Emergency Department, Oklahoma City 

Jose Medina Pic


Bobby Bosse, BS, MHS, PA-C

2020: Completing his 2nd year in the ILAC PhD Program in Medical Education

Current Position: Director of Clinical Education, Assistant Professor, Tulsa/OU-TU School of Community Medicine/ Physician Assistant Program 

Bobby Bosse Pic


Mark Perdue, BS, MHS, PA-C

2020: Completing his 2nd year in the ILAC PhD Program in Medical Education

Current Position: Director of Academic Education, Clinical Assistant Professor, Tulsa/OU-TU School of Community Medicine/ Physician Assistant Program 

Mark Perdue Pic


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