Guangpu Li, PhD


Contact Information:

Office:  BRC 417B

Phone: (405) 271-2227  ext. 61232
Fax:(405) 271-3092

Mailing Address:
975 NE 10th Street. BRC419
Oklahoma City, OK  73104


PhD, Washington University, St. Louis, 1991

Research Interests:

Endocytosis/endosome fusion: molecular mechanism and function in signal transduction and regulation of cell growth and differentiation

Cells are basic building blocks of living organisms. Endocytosis is a fundamental cellular process for uptake of nutrients, regulation of cell surface receptors, and maintenance of cell homeostasis. While it is an important cellular function, endocytosis is often employed by microorganisms like viruses for entry and infection of cells.

Our research is directed towards understanding the molecular basis of endocytosis and its role in regulation of cell growth and differentiation, which may provide valuable knowledge on how this cellular process is involved in human diseases such as cancer and infectious diseases and whether endocytosis can be targeted to develop therapeutics. 

Current projects include (1) mechanism of Rab5-regulated endosome fusion, which is a critical step during  endocytosis and (2) Role of endocytosis in nerve growth factor (NGF)-mediated signal transduction and neuron differentiation. We hope to describe endocytosis/endosome fusion in molecular terms and identify regulatory mechanisms that control the activity of these cellular processes during cell growth and differentiation.

Selected Publications:

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