Department Standing Committees

                                 Academic Year: 2018-2019


I.  Graduate Education Committee:

Charge: This committee will be responsible for screening applicants for the Department’s Master’s and PhD Programs and recommending qualified applicants to the faculty for graduate program admission. It will also coordinate any advertising of department graduate programs.The Committee will make recommendations to the Program faculty, or, where appropriate, will itself implement the development of special recruiting efforts and programs. This committee will meet and counsel new students joining our programs, prepare the Report of the Doctoral Advisory Conference, and serve as the advisorory committee until the students assemble thesis or dissertation committees. For advanced students joining the PhD Program, the Committee will evaluate prior courses taken to determine the level at which the student will enter the program, what credits should be transferred to OUHSC, and what courses will be required.

This committee reviews all policies and operating procedures of the BMB Graduate Program, as well as graduate course offerings by the Department and makes recommendations to the Chair and full-time faculty about changes in the program, the curriculum, addition of new courses and deletion of old courses, etc. This committee also reviews the GPiBS Fall curriculum and makes recommendations to the GPiBS GECC on changes. The Graduate Program Director chairs this Committee. Members of this committee will include faculty currently serving on GPIBS committees to act as liaisons between both programs.


Karla Rodgers, Chair                          Jonathan Wren

Augen Pioszak                                      Frank Hays

Ray Rezaie                                      Jialing Lin (GPIBS Course Director)

Guangpu Li                                           Ann Louise Olson


II.  Student Awards Committee:

Charge: This Committee is responsible for reviewing and selecting student candidates for Department and University awards. Specifically, the Committee will  (a) review and act on applications for BMB Travel Awards; (b) it will meet shortly after winter break to review departmental theses for the prior year and select possible candidates for the Outstanding Masters Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation Awards of the Graduate College. (c) The Committee will meet each spring to review the achievements of all PhD students using recent Dissertation Committee Reports and Graduate College Annual Evaluation Forms. From this pool, the Committee will identify 1-3 top candidates for the BMB Student Research Award.

For the Thesis/Dissertation Awards, the Committee will work with the mentor of the selected students to assemble and submit the nominations in a timely manner. For the BMB Student Research Award, the Committee will solicit support letters from each candidate’s advisor and one other faculty member as well as other materials needed to complete the nomination process. Based on evaluation of the students’ academic achievement, publications, presentations, and other research accomplishments, the Committee will recommend a final candidate for the BMB Student Research Award to the full faculty for their approval. In addition, the Committee will, from its annual review of student achievements, take appropriate action to nominate or select candidates for other graduate student awards given by the Department or the University that may become available. Advisors or other faculty members may also nominate a student for any of these awards at any time of the year by submitting a letter that draws the Committee's attention to that student's accomplishments.


Martin Levine, (Chair)                            Tim Mather                

Blaine Mooers                                         Jialing Lin

Jay Hanas                                             Tim Griffin

Karla Rodgers (Ex-officio, non-voting member)


III.  General Examination Committee:

Charge: This Committee will help to develop guidelines for, and to administer the General Examination (Qualifying Examination), for the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Graduate Program. The Committee will determine if students have selected appropriate proposal topics and will assign a faculty committee to oversee each student’s progress and grade the written and oral exam for each student.  The Committee will meet with graduate students who plan to take the General Examination in order to counsel them on how to prepare for the examination. After the exam is graded, the Chair will forward a written recommendation to the department Chair and the faculty will vote on the pass/fail status of each student.


Jay Hanas (Chair)                                Lijun Xia    

Hiro Matsumoto                                  Augen Pioszak

Ad hoc Student Rep.   


IV.  Professional Education Committee:

Charge: This committee of course directors will meet at least each Spring to review the Medical courses that include Biochemistry faculty (currently Metabolism and Nutrition, Molecular and Cellular Systems, the enrichment topics and the Capstone Course themes) and Pharmacy/ Dental Biochemistry course curricula and evaluate, review, and make recommendations to the Department Chair and faculty regarding course content. Representatives from the Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry will be involved in any significant changes to the courses.

The course directors are responsible for decisions regarding the operation of the courses. The committee will present for discussion by the full-time Department faculty a review and evaluation of these courses including their coordination, effectiveness and appropriateness regarding content.


Ann Louise Olson (Chair)                         Martin Levine

Paul DeAngelis                                        Guangpu Li


V.  Appointment / Promotions / Tenure & Award Nominations Committee:

Charge: This committee will annually review the credentials and progress of all non-tenured tenure-track and pre-tenure track faculty, and those faculty members who are eligible and who wish to be considered for either tenure or promotion in rank. This committee will also evaluate credentials of faculty applying for Adjunct appointments or promotion in Adjunct status.

A written summary of the Committee's evaluation and recommendation is forwarded to the Department Chair who may seek an appropriate action by the relevant full-time faculty group (voting is by tenured faculty for tenure consideration; faculty at higher rank than the applicant for promotions).  In addition, the Committee will review accomplishments of faculty and, based on this review, prepare nominations of eligible faculty members for University-sponsored awards.


Ann Louise Olson (Chair)                          Guangpu Li                     

Paul DeAngelis                                         Hiro Matsumoto

Jay Hanas                                                


VI.  Space and Resources Committee:

Charge: This committee will evaluate requests for Department Bridge funding, Selexys fund grants, changes in laboratory space assignments, and requests for new common equipment or upgrades.


Paul DeAngelis (Chair)                         Ad hoc members      


Other Responsibilities:


Fluorescence Spectrometer                        Jialing Lin

Biomolecular Structure & Function            Blaine Mooers

Physical Biochemistry                                  Karla Rodgers

Mass Spectrometry                                        Jay Hanas


Department Joint Seminar Liaison:

Charge: Coordinate and organize a program of invited speakers, based on input from faculty and students in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Cell Biology and the available budget for travel and other expenses.


Frank Hays (Chair)                                  Chaney Davis

Derrick Grady                                            Student Reps: Ad hoc


 Department Library Liaison          Blaine Mooers